In 2010, Abu Dhabi Group signed a joint venture with Quantum Enterprise LLC, which is specialized in cutting edge healthcare solutions, and services commercial kitchen requirements, to form MADAR SYSTEMS company for technical services, supply and general trading LLC.

Its expertise comes from a committed team with combined proficiency of direct hands-on experience of more than 40 years in the fields of engineering and turn-key project management, ensuring that only the best solutions are given, which is achieved in coordination with our well known manufacturing partners from the U.S, U.K & Europe (especially Italy and Germany). We truly believe in being innovative not only in concept, but also in redefining creativity through simplicity, practicality, functionality, engineering and the latest technology to assist clients in achieving a competitive edge and optimizing returns on their investments.

Our scope of services is positioned within the following areas:
  • Turn – key projects.
  • Design & associated services to support clients' ambitions.
  • Providing services & technical details.
  • Supply of designed equipment – delivery , storage & handling.
  • Installation of equipment systems & services.
  • Interfacing & project conditions.
  • Commissioning.
  • Training in operations.
  • After sales & warranty services.
  • Maintenance.
Our specialized knowledge and extensive expertise have enabled us to build up an excellent reputation providing various solutions to our clients in different sectors such as:
  • Hospitals.
  • Hotels.
  • Oil & Gas.
  • Camps.
  • Stadiums & Courses.
  • Ships & Marine.
  • Food Industries.
  • Airports.
We offer our clients various products and services aimed at different business segments, our services include:
  • Commercial Laundry Equipment: our proposed laundry systems are backed by extensive engineering and manufacturing capabilities, which boosts up laundry effectiveness and efficiency. Our sales, design and installation teams work closely with our clients to ensure they get the best solution. We can offer complete laundry planning and design and full staff training, in addition to a wide range of coin-operated and manual washers and dryers ideal for launderettes and drycleaners, and provide a service guarantee which is recognized as second to-none.
  • Commercial Kitchen & Refrigerating Equipments: our world renowned partner offers us premium quality products which include traditional professional cooking, ware washing, food preparation, refrigeration, cold rooms, cleaning equipment for markets like gastronomy, large commercial catering facilities (e.g. military or labor camps), bakeries, butcheries, food preparation industries, food retailing, marine or luxury liners & airline catering, sports & stadia, and oil fields.
  • Ventilation & Air Treatment Systems: Madar Systems LLC represents Halton Group, who are one of the pioneers in Ventilation Systems and passionate about indoor environments. They also offer a range of HVAC products and systems, food service environments through technology advanced solutions, air filtration systems and marine products and solutions.
  • Healthcare Solutions & Services: we offer storage solutions with the latest technology for virtually every department within the hospital, including shelving systems, carts, work centers, cabinets and accessories by partnering with Metro Emerson group. This enables hospitals to maximize space and productivity whilst ensuring reliable and efficient operations.
  • Waste Management Systems: we offer solutions for waste management systems in malls, restaurants, hotel, hospitals and airports. By implementing a thorough analysis of the horizontal and vertical flow of waste material, our U.S. and European partners propose and ensure complete waste separation from waste traffics, as well as temperature controlled waste storage environments at every stage prior to collection.
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Al-Madar Implemented Projects
Supply & installation of kitchen equipment for a new catering facility at Dubai International Airport-Terminal1
Supply & installation of kitchen, refrigeration & laundry equipment for Taj Palace Hotel in Dubai.
Supply & installation of kitchen, refrigeration and laundry equipment for Ajman Kempenski Hotel.
Supply & installation of kitchen & r0efrigeration for J.W. Marriott Hotel -Extension.
Supply & installation of kitchen & refrigeration equipment for Sheraton JBR in Dubai.
Al-Madar Business Affiliates / Brand Name Country
Quantum Enterprise. UAE
Electrolux Sweden
Halton USA
Metro USA
ATOS Italy
Hobart Germany
Multivac Germany
Rieber Germany
Scotsman Italy
Domus Spain
Girbau Spain
Supply & General trading

Providing clients with cutting-edge Healthcare Solutions & Services, Commercial Kitchen, Refrigeratio Equipment & Cold Rooms, Commercial Laundry Equipment & Facilities, Ventilation & Air Treatment Systems, and Waste Management Systems.

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