Construction is considered one of the most important fields that reflect the image of development, because it is the core of any country's infrastructure.

The idea of the EUROWALL SYSTEM concept emerged while looking for modern means in construction methods. This system started in the USA, then spread widely in many countries such as Italy, France, Germany, U.K., China, Malaysia, Romania and other parts of the World. This concept proved to be a successful one in single/double storey construction, and tourism/housing complexes of single/double/triple storey buildings; ADG is the developing company for Eurowall in the construction field.

When talking about this modern concept in construction, we do not mean the traditional ready-made building system consisting of readymade cement, concrete blocks or foams, but a modern developed system depending basically on polystyrene panels with metal clasp.

Features of the EUROWALL SYSTEM
 Some of the features of EUROWALL concept are:
  • High thermal insulation (saving energy of air-conditioning and heating).
  • A unique wall thickness which gives an extra area of 8-10m for a house of 100m (these differences would be more over a large construction area).
  • Reduction in construction time up to 80%.
  • Saving in material and man-hours costs up to 50%.
  • Sound proof insulation up to 45db.
  • Storm, gale force and earthquake resistance.
  • Better finishing on concrete and plastering.
  • Small foundation and elimination of pillars.
  • Durable and strong.
  • Quality approved materials.
  • Waterproof; fireproof.
  • Termite proof.
  • High production output capacity.
  • Low transport cost.
  • Waste reduction.
  • Utilizing local workers.
  • Proven outstanding thermal and sound insulation in agricultural buildings (i.e.poultry, calves and cattle fields), especially in high temperature areas.
The flexibility of these panels and their light weight allows for practical separation, because of their unique buildup and shapes (circular holes, bows, walls, small protection ceilings and others). That’s why the flexibility of this concept leads to creativity in designing (a feature not found in other means of construction), and the development of beautiful colored complexes.
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The Polystyrene Panel
This method depends mainly on pre-made panels consisting of polystyrene filling self-armored with two nets of special wires. These two nets are then welded to each other from all sides for enhancement.

The two networks are joined together from all sides in a way similar to electricity towers, and from the middle in a way similar to weaving carpets (done by using special machines). The polystyrene filling cut in the form of ribbons and high flexibility of wires makes it possible to produce curved walls, by using special pressure machines, according to the desired shapes.

Not moving away designers of Eurowall Company tuned the ready-made construction designs according to world techniques of modern construction. The company has all capabilities of engineering design and management for completing any project including speculations for costs, theoretical and practical training. The Consulting Group at Eurowall Company has conducted detailed studies, maps and plans for a number of housing projects, some of which have been implemented and others under implementation.
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Implemented Projects
The construction of a hall of 400 m area to be used as a library and a lecture hall for Baghdad Economic Sciences College.
Design for a Housing Complex in Khanaqeen-Saadiya city.
Business Affiliates / Agents Names Country
Aswan Company for Constructional Contracting Ltd. Iraq
HDR Consultant USA
Romhabitat Engineering & Construction SRL Romania
Vital Consulting Group USA
Alusi Engineering Group (AEG) Jordan
Dar Al Rasheed Engineering Consultant Iraq
Al-Mass Engineering Bureau Iraq
Almasala Engineering & Trading Co. Iraq
Masharif Iraq Contracting Co. Iraq
Ahawar Missan Contracting Co. Iraq
Al-Hamid Company for Contracting Ltd. Iraq

Providing geophysical exploration services, covering a wide scope of activities involved in the petroleum and mineral exploration idustry.

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